Business Consultant

Our economists help clients to decide which lines of business to pursue; to divest assets no longer consistent with their strategy; to identify and evaluate opportunities for mergers, acquisitions, and investment; and to develop bidding, trading, contracting, and marketing organizations and strategies.

We help companies in their efforts to understand their most important decisions from every angle, and we bring a pragmatic approach that helps them transform strategy into an executable plan to deliver sustainable business performance.

Support services are available to help you, whether you are a developer requiring occasional support or an international organization requiring constant availability.

We know how important it is for us to be there when you need us and to deliver more than just average support.

Our service and support plans are flexible and will allow you to determine how deeply you want GBP involved on an ongoing basis - from simple reactive support to dedicated resources focused solely on you, helping you achieve optimal productivity and competitive advantage.

Personalized and Advanced: For customers who need a higher level of service and commitment for business-critical projects, personalized support and advanced services allow you to develop a closer partnership with GBP. These include Alliance and Privilege Support, Monitoring and Alerting packages.

Operations Services
Operations Services add value by providing operations support, enabling cost savings, creating more efficient processes/operations, management structure and supporting other business initiatives.

In the world of service, it’s all about balance. You need an up-to-the-minute view of what the customers want. And you need to have all the processes and infrastructure in place to deliver it. Keeping up with either requires a disciplined approach – and the ability to shift direction at a moment’s notice.

From setting service quality levels to understanding what customers value and are willing to pay for, we know what makes service companies great. And we know ways to make all the moving parts of a service operation add up to real business value.

Clients need to be transparent!

Set up a Business

Risk Assessment

Uncertainty of outcomes pervades asset strategy decisions and is a significant determinant of the value attributed to asset positions. GBP asset assessments focus on understanding the drivers of short-term and long-term risks in asset positions, the range of potential outcomes that should be considered in business planning, risk management, transaction structuring, and strategic decisions.

Legal Assistance

Business Law
Legal services to domestic and international companies on a wide variety of matters, including venture capital transactions, mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs and transformation of companies as well as drafting of commercial agreements, terms and conditions for the supply of goods and services, joint ventures, agency, distribution and cooperation agreements.

Banking and Financial Law
Legal advice to lenders and borrowers on a full scale of financing matters, such as , project and asset finance, and new financing products like leasing and factoring.

Construction Law
Legal advice throughout all stages of planning, contract negotiation, design construction, and, if necessary, arbitration or litigation.

Employment Law
The Employment advises on all areas of employment law, including hiring and dismissal of employees, severance payments, employment contracts, court claims for unfair dismissal, confidentiality agreements, employee and union consultation, negotiations, collective dismissals, and shareholders disputes in closely held corporations.

Telecommunication Law
Expertise in telecommunications is focused predominantly on new entrant operators, acting for mobile and fixed operators (including rural operators and internet services providers), infrastructure builders, and resellers.

Environmental and Land Use Law
Legal advice on projects in light of the Albanian environmental legislation. The Litigation advice and assistance  in resolving disputes through litigation, arbitration, and alternative dispute solution.My litigation strategy is predicated on a thorough early assessment of the case and a clear risk and commercial analysis. .In my carrier as Lawyer i  handled  a full range of commercial, financial, industrial, environmental, tort, and real estate litigation.

Real Estate Law
Legal services including property owners, investors, developers, lenders, insurance companies, governmental and non-governmental agencies and public authorities.

Financial Assistance

Some things are fundamental to a well-run business and a solid finance operation is one of them. It’s the pump behind the flow of financial information that feeds every activity in your organization. Getting it right means you’ll have more time to focus on making better business decisions. Getting it wrong means you’re in for a world of worry.

GBP is recognized for its strengths in finance operations – and with good reason. We have access to the combination of talent and experience needed to work across accounting, finance, tax and technology with a full-court view – to help organizations in their efforts to properly manage the details without losing sight of the big picture.

To help business leaders get what they need. To help effectively manage risk so you can sleep better – or reduce costs so you can look better. But achieving lasting results from process improvements in finance isn’t easy. It requires a unique blend of innovative thinking and disciplined follow-through.